agosto 26, 2019

TRABAJO Y ALIMENTACIÓN Cómo alimentarnos según nuestra edad y tipo de trabajo

Qué es esta guía ALIMENTARNOS BIEN AYUDA A MEJORAR NUESTRA SALUD ¿CÓMO HEMOS DE ALIMENTARNOS para vivir más años y con mejor salud? Esta es una […]
agosto 26, 2019
venta de insumos laboratorios colombia

Ushering in an Era of Precision Medicine

A single test result can only be as good as the test itself, and we haven’t yet created a test that performs with truly perfect precision […]
agosto 26, 2019

Detangling Toxicology Testing

Managing a potentially poisoned patient can be difficult and stressful. With the national rise of overdoses in patients using ever-evolving synthetic designer drugs, the current routine […]
diciembre 15, 2018
(Image credit: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash)

A Microbiologist Reveals the 4 Germiest Things on an Airplane

‘Tis the season for travel, which means you may be spending more time than usual inside of airports and airplanes. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for […]
diciembre 13, 2018

Stethoscopes loaded with infectious bacteria: Study

Washington: Stethoscopes carried by healthcare practitioners are loaded with diverse bacteria, including some that can cause infections, according to a study. The research, published in the […]
diciembre 10, 2018

Ookio apoya actividades de nutrición

julio 9, 2018

Exitosa participación de Ookio Laboratories en Meditech 2018

abril 23, 2018

Las resistencias bacterianas a los antibióticos matan a cerca de 3.000 personas cada año en España

La Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (AEMPS) ha dado la voz de alarma a la población al informar de que las resistencias bacterianas a […]
septiembre 6, 2017

CONFERENCE Emerging Clinical & Laboratory Diagnostics in the Healthcare Ecosystem (ECLD)

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agosto 29, 2017

How to Select and Evaluate Chemistry Automation Solutions

DESCRIPTION Learn how to approach the acquisition of a new automation solution in phases, and know the pitfalls in the selection and evaluation process. Dr. Tacker […]
agosto 17, 2017
Credit: / gutaper

The Quest to Quantify Low Blood Lead Levels

Report calls on labs to step up technologies, improve efforts to reduce contamination to meet a proposed lower threshold on BLLs. As blood lead levels (BLL) […]
agosto 1, 2017

Delta Checks Checkup: Optimizing cutoffs with lab-specific inputs

Bench Matters: August 2017 Author: Thomas Kampfrath, PhD, DABCC  // Date: AUG.1.2017  // Source: Clinical Laboratory News Topics:  Lab Management, Quality Assurance Delta checks are an essential quality control tool for […]